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Testimonial Cat Photos Archive Page 1

Satisfied Cats Show Off Their The Pampered Kitty Products

Testimonial Cat Photos Archive Page 1


This is a picture of Millie Ayotte enjoying her new kitty kicker.


Ginger Ullman, a 3-year old female tortie, is much loved by Jasmine, who says Ginger loves to climb Christmas trees and walls and is her One and Only!


My mother-in-law bought a kicker for our cat Stretch Price and he LOVES it. She told us to send a picture your way, so here it comes! Thank you.


We bought our boy Smoochie O’Malley one of your catnip toys at the Harwich craft fair this July in Cape Cod! He loves it!! We adopted Smoochie from Animals for Life 8 years ago and he has been such a wonderful part of our family.

opie and minga

Minga (in the background) was recently rescued from a bad life on the street and is a welcomed addition to the Opie Martinez family. The catnip toys and kitty kickers are helping to form a loving friendship. – The Martinez Family


Sonjae, a 4-year old Exotic, loves his new Raining Cats and Dogs catnip catnap. A much-loved Sonjae is fighting kidney disease, but with medication is currently doing well. – The Yano Family


Our kitten Dylan loves the Kitty Kicker we bought today! She went crazy after it! Thank you for the great product. – Sanjay, Alexandria VA


Leo, a 25 pound silver bengal (isn’t he adorable?!) is really loving his new kitty kicker from The Pampered Kitty. – The Bakers


Anya pounced on her cat toy the minute I dropped it on the floor! She loves it. – Amy


Good thing we were given two of these beautiful catnip cat toys. Lucky saw Annie with hers and had to have one of his own. Now we have 2 happy cats! – Amy





Louie Carlson