The Pampered Kitty

Catnip Toys

Set of 4 Catnip Toys


Catnip toys are made with really fun cat fabrics. You’ll get 4 purr-fect toys:

  • Refillable catnip pouch: it is velcroed for easy refilling.
  • Catnip knot: fleece-knotted catnip toy; catnip in each knot.
  • Mini-kitty kicker: a smaller version of the Kitty Kicker or Kitty Kicker Plus, but just as potent.
  • Catnip bite: a triangle-shaped catnip toy; easily carried from one room to the next.

Each toy is filled with 100% organic catnip.

Suggestion: dole out the catnip toys so your Pampered Kitty is not in a constant state of frenzy!



Set of 4 Catnip Toys
Price: $14.95
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Catnip Facts

  • Catnip, a plant in the mint family, is officially known as Nepeta Cataria.
  • Romans used it thousand of years ago for cooking & healing. The first evidence of Catnip in the New World was in 1712 in Massachusetts.
  • Genetics is a major reason cats react to Catnip. The enticing odor triggers certain nerves within the cat’s brain.
  • The fresher the Catnip, the more reactive the cat.
  • Not all cats react the same to Catnip. Some cats roll and rub on the Catnip, loudly purr, eat it, and/or exhibit inebriated behavior; others ignore it altogether!
  • Catnip is harmless and non-addictive.

Wild cats — lions, leopards, pumas — react the same to Catnip as domestic cats.

Cats can become immune to Catnip — it’s best to give Catnip in small doses: remove Catnip toys after 10-15 minutes of play-time and reintroduce a week or so later. Try not to leave catnip out 24/7.

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