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Catnip Catnap
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Whatever you want to call it – blanket, resting pad, mat – there is no doubt that the Catnip Catnap is the Best! Measuring a sizeable 18” x 16,” the Catnip Catnap is designed for your cat’s play and pleasure! Not only does it provide a fun and cozy resting space and makes a wonderful catnip toy, but the Catnip Catnap also has a functional purpose: place the Catnap on a chair or sofa to attract your cat to a certain spot and keep furniture and clothes fur-free!

The Catnip Catnap is different than other cat blankets, resting pads, or mats. Rather than stuffing the inside with catnip – which makes it awfully difficult to remove when it needs washing – this Catnap has a 3” x 3” refillable pouch (to hold catnip) that is sewn into the seam and lays on the front of the Catnap. What that means is: the catnip is right in the kitty’s face: there’s no “searching for the catnip” time. An added bonus is that the bag is easy to refill and also easy to remove the catnip before washing.

To maintain peace in a multi-cat household, we recommend that each cat should have his or her own Catnip Catnap!

Catnaps are washable (cold water, please). The front of each Catnap is made with adorable cat material, and the back of the Catnap is of a matching non-cat print.