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The Pampered Kitty Cat Bedcat_bed_01Warms Without Electricity


Abby in (two) cat beds!

The Pampered Kitty Cat Bed
Price: $28.00
Step One:
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Step Two:
Fabric :

It’s true! No electricity needed with The Pampered Kitty Cat Bed to keep your precious kitty snuggly and warm. The inner insulated fabric is a self-heating material that reflects warmth back to the cat’s body. Check out other great features of the Cat Bed:

  • a layer of extra-loft fleece lining, thermal-reflective heating fabric, and a lined quilted backing; this bed screams cozy comfort! Your cat will appreciate the luxury sleeping quarters.
  • each Cat Bed is made with a charming cat fabric, and you’ll be able to choose the exact fabric you want for the bed. See fabric choices on this page.
  • Double-stitched for durability.
  • Roomy – the Cat Bed measures 18 x 18.
  • Washable – cold water, please, and a low-temperature dry.

To maintain peace in a multi-cat household, we recommend that each cat should have his or her own Cat Bed or Catnip Catnap!  The front of each Cat Bed is made with adorable cat material, and the back of the Cat Bed is of a matching non-cat print.

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